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AHDI announces RealTime Health, an innovative product that enhances our ability to deliver positive outcomes to the diabetic population.

U.S. Patent Office Grants Patent on AHDI Process

BNA Interviews Nancy Blough, Executive VP-AHDI, in article "Using Metrics to Lower Health Care Costs and Enhance Productivity"

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 Welcome to AHDI
The American Health Data Institute (AHDI) has a mission to transform healthcare data into actionable intelligence so employers, coalitions, providers, payors, consumers and others can purchase high quality cost effective healthcare. Experts acknowledge that rising healthcare costs remain with us today in part due to the continued wide variations in efficiency and quality of care rendered by all types of providers. The information presented in this guide is a collection of evidence identifying the problems and possible solutions for improving the quality of healthcare.

A rich body of literature comprehensively addresses critical components that need to be evaluated. Yet, there remain significant gaps in what stakeholders who pay for healthcare can do to increase their ability to purchase high quality, cost effective healthcare. There is virtually no other high dollar expenditure for purchase of a service (healthcare) where actionable quality data is nonexistent. This is even more astounding when considering the importance of decisions being made that affect human life.

AHDI is a system solution that weaves together the critical component parts of what the experts say need to be done. The healthcare system is complex, but with the assistance of this guide and information from AHDI, those interested in becoming “Endorsed Providers” will have the tools necessary to engage in the process.

AHDI is committed to protecting your personal health information. We are required by law to keep all health information that identifies you private. We will not use or disclose your personal health information other than as permitted or required by the HIPPA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and HITECH Amendment or by any applicable state law.

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